Thursday, April 24, 2014

Strokes and Homeopathy

Do you know the three simple tests for determining if a stroke has just happened?  STL  stands for  Smile, Talk, Lift (Arms)....    this will help you remember the three simple tasks to try to perform if you suspect you or someone has had a stroke.  When trying to test by talking, ask them to repeat a sentence, to check for slurring.  When testing with the arm lift, see if both arms can be raised to the same height.
Would you like to know something about homeopathy (a natural form of medicine) in regards to how to minimize, or even heal the affects of a stroke, naturally, quickly and safely?
Taking Arnica 200C (3-5 pellets) immediately after a stroke 1-2 x... then following up daily for about 6 days 1 x day, can be miraculous for healing a stroke.... ESPECIALLY if taken immediately afterwards.   Unfortunately, this was proven with my father in recent months.  Mother remembered what to do with the Arnica 200C I had sent her.  You can purchase this homeopathic medicine at most health stores or online... (be sure to get the 200C potency - the 30C (lower potency will help some but won't be as affective).  Once you have it make sure you know how to get the little pellets out of the plastic tube so that you don't have to figure that out if needed in an emergency.  (Some people have trouble with this).    So practice with it when you get it...   and pass this tip on to your family and friends.    Debra Sherry, DMH, Wholistic Health...    505-603-9888

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