Thursday, March 27, 2014

Are you tired of feeling Sick and Tired?

Are you tired of feeling Sick and Tired?   Homeopathy, Nutrition and Heilkunst offers a powerful, natural, holistic form of medicine which is safe for everyone (without side effects) and has the ability to bring you back to vibrant health.  There are many possible reasons for the drain on your  energy.  In a consult, I help determine what those reasons are, (whether ongoing current stress, or traumas/stress from the past) and help you release them with the help of the empowering tools (homeopathic medicines) I will give you.  Homeopathic medicines have the ability to treat very deeply - beyond the physical body and world of 'matter (material susbstance)'.   We'll also address what nutritional path is right for you - what's healthy for one person, isn't necessary healthy for another.  For example, there are certain very healthy foods, like brocolli, brussel sprouts (for example) that are considered goitrous foods - meaning they aren't good for the thyroid if you have thyroid issues.
A nutritional consult with me goes beyond the different "types" , for example, blood type, or metabolic type.
Debra Sherry, DMH, Wholistic Health  505-603-9888

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