Thursday, June 12, 2014

Solving our Health Problems, Naturally and Holistically using Homeopathy and Advanced Nutrition

A natural, holistic approach to health is what is needed to rectify not only our health problems but our health system!  Homeopathy, (using homeopathic medicines) and an advanced approach to nutrition/diet/lifestyle can assist you back to health, and can help with our health systems' problems as well because it's effective and NOT expensive.   Homeopathy and Nutrition can also heal chronic health problems, whereas our current western medical health paridigm generally involves giving a 'chemical' (meaning toxic) of which all pharmaceutical drugs are made, to suppress or palliate a 'symptom'... which eventually leads to another 'chemical' to address the side-effects from the first chemical... and so on.    Adding more chemicals to our bodies is NOT the answer, folks, unless it's needed 'temporarily' as a life saving measure.    let's take responsibility and take our health back... it's not that difficult. , Debra  Sherry, DMH, 505-603-9888.  You don't have to live where I do in beautiful Taos, NM... we can have appts. via phone, Skype or Facetime.  I can help you help yourself!

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