Wednesday, March 5, 2014

An example of a homeopathic medicine 'picture' - Nat Mur

Homeopathy is natural, safe, holistic medicine that can be used by anyone, of any age....  there are many possible medicines we homeopaths use... in fact thousands.   Here is an example of a very common one, that many people need at some point in their life.   If you feel that much of this 'picture' sounds like you, I can help.  

Nat mur, is an amazing emotional support for grief, deep sadness and sorrow. 
It is much deeper acting than Ignatia.
This state is very responsible, closed and shut down by grief, a silent grief.
Sad, yet unable to weep, or involuntary weeping, often averse to company or consolation, with constant dwelling on past griefs and humiliations. 
Great rx for migraines or chronic tension headaches that come on during the day.
Hayfever, sore red eyes, aggravated by the sun and heat, stress incontinence with painful coition, Asthma that is worse in evening, palpitations of heart with desire to sigh, cracked skin around fingers, peeling of fingertips , cracked nails and great insomnia are all large symptoms of this state!

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